I love the outdoors where I feel part of the larger natural world. I like to hike through the woods, smell the rich soil, listen to the distant bugle of an elk at twilight, and watch the moon rise over the mountains in a deepening blue sky. I feel more comfortable outside alone than I do in a crowd of people. So when I’m photographing nature, I am really photographing my home.

Photography allows me to create beautiful pictures of the marvelous things I see without needing to know how to draw or paint. In place of charcoal or oils, I look for the characteristics of special light essential to an exceptional image. The time of day, season of the year, and type of weather all affect the quality of the light and how it falls on the land. So I frequently photograph as sunset approaches, when the lowering sun casts shadows that shape mountains and plains. Then the light glints off water and softens shadows, turning the scene to gold and elevating everything beyond the ordinary.

Making the initial exposure is the most relaxing part of the process for me. My thinking brain shuts off and I just wander, look and see. When I find a scene or detail I like, I use digital cameras to record the subject. Once back home, I use picture-editing computer software to develop the photo before printing it with an inkjet printer using pigment inks on museum- quality matte paper.

I invite you to discover the magnificent, magical world that I see when I photograph. Thank you for taking the time to view my work

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